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Soluções Construtivas | Decorlit

DECORLIT is a company that has been developing Building Solutions and bringing Innovation through your products and construction system: Autoclaved Cement Board, Concrete Tile Roofs, Panel wall wood, Panel Facility EPS, Paints, Coatings , dry-mortar, adhesive tiles and the Dry Construction System DECORLIT. Our products are qualified and tested with international standards and quality.

The knowledge and experienced DECORLIT`S team, combined with the confidence of its clients lead to the achievement of positive results in the economic, social, and environmental spheres (triple bottom line philosophy), while minimizing possible negative effects on the environment and society.

  • Client focus - Our mission is to serve our clients in a competitive, innovative and transparent manner.

  • Long-term view - We aim to forge long-term relationships with our clients.

  • World-class governance - We are guided by the highest ethical standards and follow strict compliance rules.